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First Acess

How to access askdata

You can start using Askdata using the link https://app.askdata.com/ you can sign-in with your with your credentials or alternatively you can register your free Askdata account: https://askdata.com/signup


Home Feed will show the most recent data card along with the main information about the agent like the number of datasets and feeds. It’s also a good starting point to explore AI-driven curated feeds and queries.

From the home you can access the following features:

  1. Search bar
  2. Data Cards
  3. Feeds

Users can query the data at any time through the search bar. The Agent searches across all data to answer the questions. The cards provided by the Agent can be saved and shared as stated before.

In order to enable users to quickly find and select the information they need, when the user is typing the query system provides useful suggestions like most frequent queries similar to the ones the user is writing (drop-down menu) and the autocomplete of the query with the entities the system is aware.

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Data Cards

Data Cards are the information units that the system provides to users. They can be generated on demand by asking, searched, or automatically generated by rules.

For each data card, users can Like (to enhance the ML/AI) add comments, share with other users through a message, publish through public feeds, save them in their personal feeds. (The options available depends on the security level of the dataset and the authorization level of the user)

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Feeds are containers of cards that are used to organize according to business logic chosen by the users themselves. Each user can create feeds and save cards in them. Users can create public or private feeds. Public feeds created by a user can be seen and followed by other users. Instead, private feeds are visible only to the user who created them.

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