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An Askdata feed is a constantly updating list of Data Cards connected to a specific agent.

What is a Ffeed

A Feed is a list of Data Cards.

Askdata Feed includes data updates, charts, trends, maps, activities, likes from people, topics and agents that you follow on Askdata. Feeds can be manually created by the feed owner or automatically created by the platform using machine learning and AI.

Feed Types

Askdata provides two types of feeds:

  1. Public: feeds that every user granted to access an agent can see, share and follow

  2. Private: accessible only for the users listed in the access control list (ACL) defined by the owner and the admin of the feed

The Home feed:

The Home Feed is the main feed of the App, constantly updated using the visibility and the preference of the user in order to have single access to all the data-cards in one view.

### Enterprise version:

The enterprise version of Askdata allow agents contributors to tune the main feed with additional capabilities:

  • Allow the users to use behavioral optimization for the feeds
  • Allow admin users to set up custom-defined business logics for the home feed